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Harness Precision Energy Monitoring with ioX Wireless AC Current Meters

Welcome to the forefront of energy management technology with ioX Wireless AC Current Meters, where precision meets reliability. In today’s energy-conscious world, efficient management of electrical usage is not just an operational necessity but also a strategic advantage. Whether you're overseeing a commercial facility or an industrial operation, understanding your energy consumption is key to reducing costs and enhancing sustainability.

Our state-of-the-art wireless AC current meters are designed to provide detailed insights into your power systems, offering both single-phase and three-phase measurements to accommodate any scale of operation. From small businesses seeking to improve their energy efficiency to large corporations aiming to meet stringent energy regulations, ioX Wireless AC Current Meters deliver the data you need with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

With features tailored for the modern enterprise, such as real-time monitoring, configurable alerts, and robust environmental protections, ioX meters are not just tools but gateways to smarter energy practices. These devices ensure that you are always informed about your energy status, helping you make proactive decisions that can lead to significant cost savings and operational improvements.

Step into the future of energy monitoring with ioX Wireless AC Current Meters and start transforming your energy usage data into actionable insights today.

Energy Monitoring Solutions

ioX Connect Wireless AC Current Meters

Our energy monitoring solution delivers a comprehensive approach to managing your energy consumption, offering significant benefits that extend beyond simple savings. By providing real-time insights into your energy use, our system enables you to identify inefficiencies, optimize operations, and significantly reduce costs. Moreover, it enhances sustainability efforts, helping you to lower your carbon footprint and contribute to environmental preservation. Equipped with advanced analytics and the support of over 80 additional sensor types, our solution ensures a detailed and holistic view of your energy landscape, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve operational excellence.

Effortless Installation: Wireless AC Current Meters for Every Facility

Designed for simplicity, our wireless AC current meters allow for easy installation across a range of facilities. Without complex wiring or the need for professional help, you can quickly set up and start monitoring energy consumption. This straightforward approach ensures you can efficiently manage energy use with minimal setup time.

Precision and Flexibility

ioX Wireless AC Current Meters leverage state-of-the-art current transformers to measure the alternating current root mean square (AC RMS) with exceptional precision. With options ranging from 0-20 Amps to 500 Amps, these meters are capable of handling energy monitoring tasks from small-scale commercial installations to large industrial operations. Each meter is engineered to provide detailed insights into energy usage patterns, helping businesses optimize their energy consumption and reduce operational costs.

Real-Time Energy Insights: Advanced Analytics and Interactive Reporting

Our system provides real-time energy insights through advanced analytics and interactive reporting. By harnessing the power of real-time data, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your facility's energy consumption patterns. Our intuitive platform offers detailed analytics and customizable reports, enabling you to make informed decisions to optimize energy use and reduce costs. With interactive charts and graphs, you can easily visualize trends, identify inefficiencies, and track progress towards your energy management goals.

Eco-Friendly Energy Solutions

By providing accurate and timely data, ioX Wireless AC Current Meters play a crucial role in sustainable energy practices. They help organizations measure and manage their electrical consumption more effectively, leading to significant energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint. Whether you are looking to enhance energy efficiency, comply with regulatory standards, or simply cut costs, our AC current meters are the perfect tool to achieve your energy goals.

Key Features of ioX AC Current Meters

Broad Range of Current Transducers

Our AC Current Meters are available with a versatile range of current transducers, accommodating various industrial needs. Whether you require a low-range 0-20 Amp sensor for small systems, a mid-range 0-150 Amp sensor for commercial applications, or a high-range 0-500 Amp sensor for large-scale operations, our devices offer the flexibility to match any energy monitoring requirement.

Extended Battery Life

Equipped with a durable battery that lasts up to 7 years*, our AC Current Meters are designed for long-term performance without the need for frequent replacements. This feature ensures continuous, reliable monitoring of electrical systems, minimizing maintenance and enhancing user convenience.

*Battery life is determined by sensor reporting frequency and other variables.

Comprehensive Measurement Capabilities

Our sensors provide detailed insights into electrical system performance by measuring Minimum, Maximum, and Average current values, as well as total Amp-hours. This comprehensive data allows for precise analysis of energy consumption, aiding in energy efficiency strategies and operational adjustments.

High Resolution and Accuracy

With resolutions ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 Amp-RMS and standard accuracy variations, our meters deliver precise readings. For applications demanding even greater precision, calibrated accuracy options are available, ensuring data reliability and supporting critical decision-making processes.

Configurable Thresholds for Advanced Monitoring

The configurable thresholds feature allows users to set custom parameters for alerts and notifications. This functionality is crucial for maintaining system safety and efficiency, providing immediate updates when current levels exceed or drop below set thresholds.

Robust Enclosures for Harsh Environments

Designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, our AC Current Meters come housed in NEMA and IP65 rated enclosures. These robust casings protect against dust, water, and other environmental factors, ensuring sensor integrity and reliability in challenging conditions.

Versatile Applications

Ideal for a wide range of applications, from monitoring power loads in manufacturing plants and data centers to managing energy usage in commercial buildings, our AC Current Meters adapt to both routine and complex energy monitoring tasks. Their durability and accuracy make them suitable for critical systems where precise energy management is paramount.

In today’s energy-conscious world, having precise and reliable tools to monitor and manage energy usage is not just advantageous—it’s essential. Our AC Current Meters are meticulously designed to offer unparalleled accuracy, durability, and ease of use across a broad spectrum of applications. With features like a wide range of current transducers, extended battery life, and robust NEMA and IP65 enclosures, these meters provide the flexibility and resilience needed to tackle any energy monitoring challenge. Whether you’re aiming to enhance operational efficiency, reduce energy costs, or ensure compliance with energy regulations, our sensors deliver the critical data you need to achieve your goals. Opt for ioX-Connect AC Current Meters, and empower your organization with the technology to not only monitor but also optimize your energy consumption efficiently and effectively. Choose precision, choose reliability, choose ioX-Connect for your energy monitoring solutions.

Use Cases and Applications of ioX Wireless AC Current Meters

Industrial Energy Management

  • Manufacturing Plants: Monitor and manage energy consumption across various equipment and machinery to optimize production efficiency and reduce operational costs. Ideal for tracking heavy-duty electrical usage and implementing cost-saving measures.

Commercial Buildings

  • Office Buildings and Retail Spaces: Utilize AC Current Meters to ensure efficient energy usage within HVAC systems, lighting, and other electrical infrastructure. Essential for maintaining energy efficiency certifications and reducing utility expenses.

Data Centers

  • Server Room Monitoring: Critical for monitoring power supply to prevent overloads and ensure continuous operation. AC Current Meters help maintain optimal energy usage, crucial for avoiding costly downtime and equipment failures.

Renewable Energy Systems

  • Solar and Wind Energy Monitoring: Track energy production and consumption to ensure effective operation of renewable energy systems. These meters are key in managing load balancing and optimizing the performance of solar panels and wind turbines.

Healthcare Facilities

  • Hospital Systems: Monitor energy usage in sensitive areas such as operating rooms and patient care facilities where consistent power supply is vital for patient safety and care quality.

Educational Institutions

  • Schools and Universities: Deploy AC Current Meters to manage energy consumption in classrooms, labs, and dormitories, promoting sustainable practices and cost efficiency in educational settings.

Property Management

  • Multi-Unit Residential Complexes: Ensure accurate billing and energy management for heating, cooling, and communal areas, enhancing tenant satisfaction and operational transparency.

Event Management

  • Convention Centers and Event Halls: Monitor temporary setups for events to manage energy load from lighting, audio-visual equipment, and heating/cooling systems effectively.

Agricultural Operations

  • Farms and Greenhouses: Use AC Current Meters to control energy consumption of high-powered equipment like irrigation systems and greenhouse climate control units, ensuring efficiency and sustainability in agricultural practices.

Expanded Use Cases for Retail Facilities and Sub-Metering

Retail Facility Energy Monitoring

  • Comprehensive Energy Oversight: Deploy ioX Wireless AC Current Meters in retail settings to monitor and analyze energy usage across various departments and store locations. These sensors are crucial for identifying high energy consumption areas and optimizing energy use to reduce costs and enhance sustainability. Retailers can benefit from detailed energy consumption reports that inform better HVAC scheduling, lighting control, and operational adjustments during peak and non-peak hours.

Sub-Metering for Tenant Energy Consumption

  • Tenant-Specific Energy Management: Utilize AC Current Meters for sub-metering in multi-tenant retail complexes and commercial buildings. These meters provide accurate data for individual tenants, allowing property managers to bill based on actual energy usage. This accuracy promotes transparency and can incentivize tenants to conserve energy, leading to overall reductions in energy consumption and operational costs for the entire facility.

Carbon Footprint Tracking

  • Integrated Monitoring Solutions: Combine ioX Wireless AC Current Meters with our water consumption monitoring sensors to provide a holistic view of a facility’s utilities usage. This integrated approach is invaluable for retail facilities aiming to reduce their environmental impact. By monitoring both energy and water usage, facilities can develop comprehensive sustainability strategies, track their progress towards reducing carbon footprints, and comply with environmental standards and reporting requirements.

Benefits of Advanced Energy and Resource Monitoring

  • Sustainability and Compliance: Advanced monitoring enables facilities to meet sustainability goals by providing actionable data that can be used to enhance energy efficiency, reduce water wastage, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, this data supports compliance with local and international environmental regulations, contributing to a greener corporate image and potentially qualifying for tax benefits or certifications.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

  • Optimized Resource Use: By understanding exactly where and how energy and water are used, retail managers can implement targeted measures to reduce waste and lower utility costs. This can include adjusting heating and cooling systems, fixing leaks, and updating to energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, all of which contribute to significant cost savings over time.

By incorporating these AC Current Meters into your systems, you gain the ability to closely monitor and manage energy usage, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and environmental impact. Whether for industrial, commercial, or specialized applications, ioX-Connect AC Current Meters provide the data and control necessary to optimize and streamline energy practices across any sector.

  • Enterprise AA-battery powered: Our most popular type is ideal for typical commercial & enterprise environments, such as server rooms. A 1,200+ ft. range readily covers most facilities.
  • Commercial CC-battery powered: Compact sensor is great for space-restricted areas such as control cabinets or cold storage.
  • Industrial: Sensor's weatherproof, NEMA-rated enclosure withstands demanding indoor/outdoor use, e.g., warehouses & production facilities.
Connection Type Wireless
Sensor Type Commercial (CC Battery) Enterprise (AA Battery) Industrial
Sensor Housing
2.0" (50.8 mm) Width
0.875" (22.225 mm) Height
1.125" (28.575 mm) Depth
4.375" (111.125 mm) Width
2.470" (62.738 mm) Height
1.111" (28.219 mm) Depth
3.701" (94.0 mm) Width
2.316" (58.84 mm) Height
1.378" (35.0 mm) Depth
Gateway Required? Yes Yes Yes
Range2 1200+ Feet
12+ Walls
1200+ Feet
12+ Walls
1200+ Feet
12+ Walls
Battery Required? Yes
Coin Cell (CR123)
Two AA's
1800mAH Industrial
Battery Life3 Up to 2 Years Up to 10 Years Up to 5 Years
Internet Required for Data Transmission?4 No No No
Outdoor Use or Wet Conditions? No No Yes (IP65 Nema Rated Housing)
Works with Other ioX-Connect Sensors? Yes Yes Yes


1Dimensions for standard housing sizes. For sensors in non-typical housings, please refer to their data sheets.
2Actual range may vary depending on environment.
3Battery life is determined by sensor reporting frequency and other variables.
4This is transmission from sensor to gateway. All gateways will need active connection for transmission to ioX-Connect. Gateway transmission can be Ethernet or Cellular.

Commercial Sensor Enclosure:

Commercial Sensor Enclosure Drawing

Enterprise Sensor Coin Cell Replace Drawing

Enterprise Sensor Enclosure:

Enterprise Sensor Enclosure Drawing

Industrial Sensor Enclosure:

Industrial Sensor Enclosure and Antenna Drawing


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ioX-Connect's Wireless Sensor communication can reach 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls non-line-of-sight.

You can connect up to 100 different ioX Wireless Sensors to 1 gateway. Gateways can also serve as range extenders if you have a big site where sensors will be installed more than 1,000 ft apart.

The life span of the battery is dependent on several factors, including:

  • How frequently does the sensor transmit data (Heartbeat)
  • How far the sensor is from the wireless gateway
  • The obstructions that can cause difficulty in sending data (farther distance and obstructions require that the radio operate at longer intervals to send and receive data)

ioX-Connect Sensors and Gateways provide automated data logging. Our sensors can store up to 4,000 messages if the gateway connection is lost (non-volatile flash, persists through the power cycle). For 10-minute Heartbeat settings, this accounts for approximately 22 days of messages or readings. For 2-hour Heartbeat settings, our sensors can log up to 266 days of readings.

Plus, our gateways can save up to 50,000 sensor messages if its connection is lost. Our sensors and gateways can log all this data before sending it to the ioX-Connect platform—our sensor management and monitoring software—for cloud storage, trending, and analysis.

ioX-Connect wireless products use Encrypt-RF bank-level security, featuring a 256-bit exchange to establish a globally unique key and an AES-128 CTR for all data messages. Security is maintained at all communication points from sensor to gateway, gateway to software, and back again.

ioX-Connect's standard wireless products use several features to help protect sensor data in transit. The proprietary sensor protocol uses very low transmit power and requires specialized radio equipment to operate.

Typical wireless devices that run on non-proprietary communication protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee) operate using different frequency bands, so you can't use them to eavesdrop on the radio communications from the ioX-Connect family of sensors. In addition, we use a robust packet tampering evaluation routine to ensure that traffic isn't altered between the sensors and the gateways. This enables us to check for well-formed data packets that only originate from ioX-Connect enabled devices. We have algorithms that protect against spoofing and re-transmission of wireless data packets to safeguard data further.

Absolutely! This is what sets ioX-Connect apart from all other IoT solutions out there. ioX-Connect's Analytics module allows you to combine data from different sources not just sensors to create cross functional reports, analyze and trend sensor data, interact with your historical data and collaborate across departments thereby giving you more insights into your business/operations.

Yes. The ioX-Connect platform can be fed with data from external sensors provided we can retrieve the external sensor data through some service like an API. Please reach out to us at: sales@iox-connect.com for more detail on integration capabilities.