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Why Partner with ioX-Connect?

The ioX Advantage

All-In-One IoT Solution

Simplify your IoT landscape by leveraging our fully-integrated solution that enables your customers to gather, examine, and utilize data effortlessly. By partnering with ioX-Connect, you free your clients from the burden of managing multiple, disjointed systems.

Distinct Competitive Edge

Elevate your offerings beyond mere data collection. Our software provides cutting-edge data analysis tools coupled with an advanced Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This unique differentiation sets you ahead of competitors and makes your solutions more appealing to clients.


ioX-Connect is a standard cloud solution with extensive customization capabilities, ready to deploy in your customer environment. With quick implementation, affordable and transparent pricing, and bring-your-own-device flexibility, iox-Connect is a trusted partner solution geared towards supercharging your IoT capabilities and driving data-driven decisions for your customers.

Customized Partnership

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. That's why we dedicate ourselves to understanding and adapting our system to meet your customers' specific needs, co-branding our platform to reflect your brand, and offering personalized, high-touch dedicated support at every step.

Flexibility and Customization

ioX-Connect stands out with its exceptional customization capabilities. Our platform is designed to adapt, allowing you to modify features, workflows, and interfaces to meet the specific needs of your customers. This flexibility ensures you can provide a tailored solution, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Looking Ahead

Partner Portal

Our soon-to-launch partner portal will streamline customer management, enabling you to oversee and manage your clients with ease. Seamlessly deploy and manage powerful IoT customer solutions while engaging new revenue opportunities.

Advanced Analytics Features

Upcoming enhancements will allow administrators to manage dashboard access for multiple customers, delivering secure, personalized data insights that elevate your client's decision-making abilities.

Embedded Analytics Dashboards

Soon, your customers will be able to embed analytics dashboards into their preferred collaboration tools like Teams, Slack, or their company intranet, further simplifying data access.

Embrace the Future with ioX-Connect

Partner with ioX-Connect...

and redefine the way your customers leverage IoT solutions. Together, let's revolutionize how businesses unlock the true potential of IoT, driving future growth and success.


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