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Discover the IOX-AX4 Asset Tracker: Compact, Cost-Effective, Comprehensive

Elevate your asset tracking capabilities with the IOX-AX4 Asset Tracker, a compact yet powerful tool designed to enhance your operational efficiency without stretching your budget. Perfect for tracking assets both indoors and outdoors, the AX4 combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features to offer a seamless tracking experience.

Utilizing advanced LTE-M cellular connectivity along with Wi-Fi and cellular triangulation, the AX4 provides precise location services even in complex environments. Its small size and discreet design make it ideal for various settings, from office equipment to large outdoor machinery. The device is also equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer for movement monitoring, adding an extra layer of data for managing your assets effectively.

With the ioX-Connect platform, configuring your AX4 to meet specific operational needs is straightforward, ensuring that you can start tracking and protecting your assets quickly and easily. Whether you need to manage a small set of tools or a large fleet of vehicles, the IOX-AX4 is ready to deliver top performance, making it the smart choice for modern businesses.

Asset Tracking Devices: How it Works

All our GPS trackers come with a pre-installed Data Sim as part of your device subscription. Devices link to a multitude of cellular frequency bands and transmit location data to the ioX Cloud at set intervals. The ioX Platform allows you to access your asset data, view reports through interactive dashboards and analytics as well as manage all your assets and devices in one place.


How Asset Tracking Works ioX-Connect
  • Target region: Global
  • Also tracks motion via 3-Axis Accelerometer,  flight detection via built-in pressure meter


LTE Category


LTE Frequency Bands

LTE FDD: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B8, B12, B13, B18, B19, B20, B26, B28

LTE TDD: B39 (Cat M1/LTE-M Only)

2G Frequency Band

GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900



3.1” x 1.5” x 0.56” (75.5 x 34.5 x 13mm)


1.5 oz




-20 to +60C (-4°F to 140°F)



Cell Tower Triangulation, 1,000-50,000m


Satelitte Triangulation, 5m-100m


Wi-Fi Access Point Triangulation, 10-250m


Geofencing Capable

BATTERY LIFE - Rechargeable Battery

USE CASE #1 - Battery Life1  17+ Months

Checks in once per day and executes 1 location scan.

USE CASE #2 - Battery Life1  7+ Months

Checks in 4 times per day and executes 4 location scans.

USE CASE #3 - Battery Life1  41+ Days

Checks in 24 times per day and executes 24 location scans. (Once every hour)

USE CASE #4 - Battery Life1  11+ Days

Checks in 96 times per day and executes 96 location scans. (Once 15 mins)

*1 Wi-Fi and cellular location scans enabled, all other sensors disabled. 0% cellular connection fail rate, 0% location scan failure rate.

  • Location and Tracking: Get timely alerts at specific intervals or when certain criteria are met.
  • Geofencing and Time Alerts: Be notified when the tracker enters or exits designated zones or during particular time frames.
  • Highly configurable to your use case
  • Tightly integrated edge-to-enterprise solution
  • Enterprise integration – RESTful/PubSub
  • Latest LTE-M/NB-IoT technology
  • Globally capable – multi-band support
  • Small footprint - lightweight
  • IP-66 water and dust resistant
  • Rechargeable batteries

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Need more than just asset tracking?

ioX-Connect Remote Monitoring Systems offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed to manage an array of over 80 sensors types, as well as integrate with your existing monitoring tools. Our platform serves as the command center for your devices, allowing you to tailor their settings to your specific needs and operational processes. Equipped with state-of-the-art wireless sensors, gateways, and software, it empowers the Internet of Things (IoT) to speak on behalf of your business.

The ioX ecosystem encompasses a diverse range of more than 80 types of sensors. These sensors are finely tuned to monitor for critical changes in conditions — from unusual vibrations and temperatures to the presence of water, and fluctuations in electrical currents and voltages. This robust wireless sensing solution operates autonomously, providing a protective shield for your financial health.



Your all-in-one asset tracking and monitoring solution

Please reach out to us at: if you have any additional questions that are not addressed below.

Asset tracking is the method of tracking physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using tags using GPS or RFID which broadcast their location. It helps businesses monitor their assets' real-time location and status, improving operational efficiency and security.

GPS asset tracking utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to accurately locate and track assets anywhere on Earth. Devices equipped with GPS receivers use signals from satellites to determine precise location details, which are then communicated via cellular or internet networks to a central system for monitoring.

An asset tracking system offers numerous benefits, including increased asset utilization, reduced theft, improved preventive maintenance, enhanced customer service by providing precise delivery details, and significant cost savings by minimizing lost or misplaced assets.

Yes, modern asset tracking solutions utilize a combination of technologies such as GPS for outdoor tracking and RFID or Wi-Fi for indoor tracking. This versatility allows businesses to monitor assets effectively no matter where they are located.

ioX Asset Trackers are highly versatile and can track a wide range of assets, including industrial equipment, vehicles, high-value electronics, and even mobile personnel. The rugged design is suited for harsh environments, making it ideal for construction, logistics, and manufacturing sectors.

Yes, ioX asset trackers are designed for easy installation. It can be quickly mounted on any asset or integrated within complex systems, depending on the needs of your business, without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Yes. The ioX-Connect platform can be fed with data from external sensors provided we can retrieve the external sensor data through some service like an API. Please reach out to us at: for more detail on integration capabilities.

Data security is a top priority. Our asset tracking devices use advanced encryption protocols to secure data transmission between devices and servers. Additionally, our platforms comply with leading industry standards for data protection and privacy.

All ioX Devices sets itself apart with its durability, exceptional battery life, and multi-environment tracking capability. Our asset trackers where designed to provide reliable service under tough conditions and offers multiple connectivity options, including GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular triangulation, for comprehensive monitoring.

Yes, ioX asset trackers can monitor not just the location but also the condition of assets in real-time. Our asset trackers are equipped with sensors for temperature, humidity, motion, and light, enabling businesses to proactively manage the maintenance and security of their assets. We also have a range of 80+ other sensor types that can help you better manage your assets.

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